HydraMed (HA + TSP) remains up to 84% longer on the eyes surface than HA alone*

  • Strong bio and mucoadhesive properties prolong retention times

  • Longer residency allows for longer relief and dose reduction

HydraMed reduces tear film osmolarity (salt concentration that is increased in dry eye)

  • The hypotonic formulation creates an immediate isotonic effect

  • Immediate comfort upon instillation by correcting osmotic imbalance

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HydraMed shows good efficacy in stabilising the tear film after only 28 days of use.

HydraMed increases the time before the tears start to destabilise due to evaporation, causing dryness and irritation. This is break-up of the tears is known as Tear Break-up Time (TBUT).

Patients treated using HydraMed (2 drops/3 times per day) shows a significant increase of their average TBUT compared with the base value after only 28 days of use.


HydraMed reduces surface damage by 28% compared with HA (hyaluronic acid) only eye drops

After 60 days of use a 5.3% improvement on the average score of the objective signs was observed in the HA group.

In the HydraMed user group after the same period there was a statistically significant 33.3% improvement, compared with the base level.

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HydraMed improves the condition of the corneal surface by 48% more than HA alone

The HydraMed group showed a 5 fold increased mean improvement compared with the HA group.

Score moved closer towards normal in the HydraMed group

  • Equal to 56.5% (statistically significant) improvement compared to before using HydraMed.