HydraMed dual action eye drops are a patented preservative-free solution for all forms of Dry Eye. HydraMed drops combine the unique lubricant tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) with the more established hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate or HA), also found naturally. This novel formulation allows the tears to remain on the surface of the eye for longer, repairing damage and reducing discomfort by keeping the eye's surface hydrated.

Now available with a stronger HA formulation in HydraMed Forte for more severe dry eyes.

HydraMed Night Sensitive is a lubricating eye ointment ideal for use before going to sleep. It is the only ointment currently available that is lanolin free and so suitable for people with a wool allergy.

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DemEx is a foaming cleanser designed to improve the overall eyelid and lash hygiene and condition. The non-sticky foam is easy to use and is appreciated even by those patients where dexterity maybe an issue. 

DemEx has the active tea-tree oil extract T4O which has been shown to be effective against Demodex, T4O ensures efficacy without the potentially irritating effects of some other tea tree oil components.

DemEx has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to help with overall eyelid condition. 



Purifeyes is the next generation eye cleansing antimicrobial solution to enhance hygiene and protection of the eyes and face. Purifeyes harnesses the power of one of the most natural and effective known biocides - hypochlorous - in an ultra pure form.

Hypochlorous provides protection against bacteria, fungi and viruses and reduces eyelid inflammation. Purifeyes is expertly formulated to be biocompatible with the delicate skin around the eye and comes in an easy-to-use spray that can be applied directly on a closed eyelid.

Alcohol free and pH balanced to ensure no risk of stinging and can be used daily.

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Dry Omega uses a unique blend of natural marine and plant oils to ensure stability and freshness.

Contains three Omega-3 essential fatty acids:

EPA - helps reduce inflammation in dry eyes

DHA - helps rebuild damaged cells on the surface of the eye

DPA - a very strong anti-inflammatory to help soother dry eyes

Omega-7 essential fatty acid helps retain moisture in the membranes of the eye. 

Dry Omega is fresher and more stable than other Omega-3 products and therefore has a delicious lemon-y taste rather than unpleasant fishy smells or taste.


NuLids is an electronic lid cleansing device, which is quick and simple to use. An eye cleaning foam, such as DemEx is applied over the closed eyelid and NuLids then gently massages the eyelid, resulting in lid exfoliation and stimulating meibomian gland expression - which helps increase the quality of oil production of the glands and decrease dry eyes symptoms.

NuLids cleans away bacteria and desiccated skin from the eyelid margin, clearing the meibomian glands. The device uses rotating disposable silicone soft tips for hygiene and safety, with a built-in 15 second timer, the recommended timer per eyelid.

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With our new breed of opto-cosmetics you can now protect your eyes from the harmful invisible toxins they see every day.

Uniquely created for sensitive eyes, contact lens users, and sufferers of dry eyes, our clinically tested formulas are endorsed by leading innovators in the field of vision health. We've blacklisted toxic ingredients found in mainstream cosmetics and skincare, and developed highly effective products without asking you to pay the ultimate price: your health. 

We not only embrace the safe beauty movement, we're leading a new conversation about optimal eye protection.