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HydraMed increases ocular comfort

HydraMed (HA + TSP) remains up to 84% longer on the pre-corneal surface than HA alone*

  • Strong bio and mucoadhesive properties prolong retention times

  • Longer residency allows for longer relief and dose reduction

Reducing osmolarity

  • The hypotonic formulation creates an immediate isotonic effect

  • Immediate comfort upon instillation by correcting osmotic imbalance

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 16.52.10.jpg

HydraMed helps to stabilise the tear film and increase Tear Break-up Time (TBUT)

HydraMed shows good efficacy in stabilising the tear film after only 28 days of use. 

Patients treated using HydraMed (2 drops/3 times per day) shows a significant increase of their average TBUT compared with the base value after only 28 days of use.

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HydraMed improves the score of epithelial microvilli conditions by 48% more than HA alone

The HydraMed group showed a 5 fold increased mean improvement compared with the HA group.

Score moved 1.9 points towards normal in HydraMed Group

  • Equal to 56.5% (statistically significant) improvement compared to baseline.


HydraMed showed more than 28% reduction of epithelial damage compared with HA only based eye drops

Objective signs - Absolute Values

After 60 days of use a 0.1 point improvement on the average score (5.3%) of the objective signs was observed in the sodium hyaluronate group. In the HydraMed user group after the same period of use the lowest score (1.9) for objective signs was observed. This equates to a statistically significant 0.9 point improvement, 33.3% compared with the base level.