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not all compresses are created equal


Contact Lens Compress

The Eyeleve™ compress provides consistent, therapeutic moist heat that promotes natural hydration and alleviates symptoms of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and contact lens-related dry eye (CLIDE).

By helping to stabilise the ocular surface, Eyeleve™ reduces dryness and extends comfortable wear time of contact lenses. The patented, ergonomic pod design includes a comfort stitch in the middle to help take pressure off the eyes.

Eye care Practitioner Recommended

Practitioners recommend Bruder compresses for the most effective, proactive dry eye care possible. Mostly for:

1. Relieving the symptoms of dry eye disease (DED), meibomian gland dysfunctions (MGD) and blepharitis

2. Providing a convenient and economical way to help maintain overall daily eye health

3. Helping to prepare the ocular surface for better post-surgical results

Patented MediBeads

MediBeads® are silver-infused, ensuring pure, clean, moist heat with every use, helping repel bacteria and keep eyelids clean. The compress also effectively withstands the rigors of daily use and regular cleaning - the beads will not break down or lose efficacy like other compresses that contain silica gel beads, gel or grains.

Only MediBeads® absorb moisture into the centre of the bead, resulting in even, extended moist heat. In other compresses, moister sits on the surface, where it quickly evaporates, causing dry, uneven heat and dangerous hot spots.


How to use the Bruder Moist Heat Compress

Find out how Eyeleve can help improve your contact lenses wearing experience

like no other mask on the market

Flexible two-pod design
Comfortably fits all facial types

Uniform moist heat
No hot spots

Washable and reusable
Won't break down in water

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