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Welcome to the Dry Eye Zone home delivery web site

This innovative e-commerce web site supports the business of independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as their patients who prefer to buy on the internet. By not cutting the practice out of the online sale, it is a unique model in the sector in having, what we call, ‘a commercial conscience’.


What does this mean?

Positive impact, the company behind this web site, understands the important role of the eye care practitioner in advising and prescribing/recommending the most suitable product(s) for their patient. Consequently, via our unique affiliate model, it ensures that the patient’s practice shares in the online sales of the products it recommended to them.


How does it work?

Firstly, we give your patients the convenience of buying our products online for delivery direct to their home or business address. Then, by giving them your unique discount code, they save 10% every time they make a purchase.


Secondly – and this is the clever bit – the same discount code used on the leaflet (pictured) you give to your patient, identifies your practice so we can financially reward your support and endorsement of the Dry Eye Zone product range.


Do I need to stock the Dry Eye Zone range?

There is no need to stock the entire range, or even any of it. It is preferable to stock some of the range, such as the faster moving lines, so you can make the initial and any future sales.

Dry Eye Zone patient leaflet

come and join our fair-play for e-commerce revolution!

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