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Welcome to the Dry Eye Zone home delivery web site

This innovative e-commerce web site is unique in having a commercial conscience. We support independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, as well as their dry eye patients who prefer to buy on the internet.


We do this firstly by giving your patients the convenience of buying our products online and, via a discount code, getting it delivered direct to their home – with a discount.


Secondly - and this is the clever bit - courtesy of the voucher code we give you to issue your patient, we are able to recognise your support and endorsement of our products.

Dry Eye Zone patient leaflet

Want to join in?

If you don’t currently stock our products, but are considering adding them to your dry eye product armoury, then simply contact us via the button below. We can then share more clinical information and data supporting the efficacy of our products, as well as issue your unique practice voucher code to give to your patients.

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