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multi-award winning heat and massage treatment for dry eye relief

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Heated Eye Wand™ PRO

After years of complaining about dry, tired, itchy eyes, the founders of Peep Club had enough. They decided to try every product under the sun to get a handle on it and really find something that worked. Along the way, they were constantly surprised to find just how low-tech and high-chemical the options out there were

The Peep Club Heated Eye Wand was created with the mission to make eye care more accessible, effective and natural. Something you can enjoy, look forward to and be proud to use;

a treat, not just a treatment.

Instant Relief Eye Spray

The spray is clinically proven to instantly relieve dry eye symptoms (including; redness, irritation, itchiness, a gritty sensation or a heavy, tired feeling caused by dry eyes). As with all Peep Club products, the spray treats not only the eye itself but also improves the quality of the delicate eyelid and under eye skin too. The two active ingredients of Colourless Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is wild-harvested in Finland, and Sodium Hyaluronate work together to moisturise, smooth and restore your entire eye area.

Simply apply one pump of the spray on closed eyes and give it a few seconds to take effect. It is super gentle, suitable for contact lens wearers and can be used over makeup.

Award Winning

The multi-award winning, beauty editor and doctor-beloved original Heated Eye Wand has been upgraded! The Heated Eye Wand PRO works to hydrate and rejuvenate the entire eye area in a matter of minutes using four innovative modes. It is clinically proven to improve eye hydration after just one use.

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The Heated Eye Wand  PRO treats the specific causes of dry eyes with proven effectiveness and precision.

How Long?

We recommend using your Eye Wand for 1-2 minutes on your lower eyelid followed by 1-2 minutes on your upper eyelid (a total of 2-4 minutes per eye).

How Often?

We recommend 1-2 times per day (am and pm) for the first 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, we recommend using it once per day, 3-4 times per week - although many of our customers continue to use it every day as part of their self-care routine!

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