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How do patients really feel about Èyes Are The Story?

This post was originally published on 08/06/2022 by Earlam and Christopher Optometrists and Contact Lens Specialists, here.

Taking care of my eyes took on new importance for me when I was told I had Dry Eye Disease stemming from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

After years of wearing contact lenses every day and using makeup to enhance what I believed was my best feature – my eyes – I could now do neither. Makeup felt irritating and contact lenses became difficult to remove, leaving me with inflamed, uncomfortable eyes.

Meibomian glands are the tiny glands at the edges of the eyelids that secrete protective oils and stop the delicate tear film from quickly evaporating. Blocked glands create dry eye symptoms which can worsen if the issue isn’t treated.

When I realised that some makeup and skincare (and even products that claim to soothe dry eye symptoms) contain ingredients that can actually harm the meibomian glands, I felt hopeless. How were my eyes ever going to feel or look good again?

That’s why I was excited when Earlam and Christopher Optometrist, Sarah, asked me to try ÈYES ARE THE STORY and to provide my honest review. These products have been specifically designed to be ‘eye proof’ – gentle, non-toxic and supportive of eye health. Here’s what I thought of them.

Eye Proof Facial Cleanser

I love this product. It’s a clear, practically odourless gel that leaves my skin soft and clean without creating too much foam. Importantly, it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

I have oily skin that can dry out easily, and this cleans gently, without stripping my skin of moisture or leaving a layer or oil and grime behind. I use it daily and, after four months, the bottle feels roughly half-full, so it’s good value, too.

Verdict: would definitely buy this product again.

Eye Proof Refreshing Towelettes

These little wipes are a life-saver when I have tired eyes at the end of the day or need to remove my eye makeup in a hurry – such as when I’m out and about and need to put some drops in my eye.

They live up to their description in that they’re truly refreshing and feel gentle enough for daily use. Regular facial wipes can be highly perfumed and too wet, making it easy to squeeze some of the cleanser into your eye. Not so with these. They leave my eyes clean, soothed and free of fluff, residue and deposits.

Verdict: would definitely buy this again.

Eye Proof Facial Serum

This serum is non-greasy and works well under makeup. It’s gentle, and virtually colourless and odourless.

I used it day and night for around three months, enjoying its brightening effect on my skin, and I have a small amount left. As stated on the ÈYES ARE THE STORY website, you do need to use around 2-3 pumps, so be generous when applying this.

While this serum does feel nourishing, for me it’s not moisturising enough to use it on its own. Instead I used the Eye Proof Facial Serum in combination with a night-time oil and a botanical moisturiser, for fully ‘quenched’ skin.

Verdict: would probably buy this again.

Eye Proof Mascara Trio Set

This is quite possibly the best mascara I have used: it glides on, provides definition and is innovatively packaged in three cute, travel-sized tubes. It creates a natural look, separating my lashes and providing all-day comfort.

When your eyes are irritated, the last thing you want is the kind of flaky, ‘drugstore’ mascara that’s designed to give you heaps of volume and length, but which sheds mascara deposits into your eyes throughout the day.

I was intrigued by the pack of three small tubes and read on the ÈYES ARE THE STORY website that the trio of mini mascaras is designed to help minimise bacteria build up caused by using the same mascara wand over long periods of time.

Verdict: would definitely buy this again.

Eye Proof Liquid Liner

This product has taken the most getting used to because of the shape of the tip – it’s a pen, rather than a brush. I’m very short-sighted, which means that I need to get close to the mirror to apply eyeliner precisely and I prefer the sweep of a brush to the dab of a felt-tip to create the neat, smooth, complete lines I’m looking for.

While I can’t achieve smooth lines easily with this product, the eyeliner itself is non-irritating and not at all flaky, so once it’s on, it stays on and stays comfortable.

Verdict: would probably buy this again.

Overall, what do I think of ÈYES ARE THE STORY products?


These products are advertised as supportive of the eyes and I think they live up to their promise. I can wear the makeup for long periods of time and use the cleanser, towelettes and serum daily without irritation.

They don’t seem like ‘specialist’ or ‘corrective’ products – instead they look luxe and are rich with ingredients that care for both eyes and skin.

They’re also gluten-free – great for coeliacs.


What struck me first about these products was the sleek silver packaging. Since I began to suffer with MGD, my makeup bag has been taken over by unglamorous cleansing wipes and bottles of eye drops instead of my usual powers, wands and brushes.

With ÈYES ARE THE STORY, what’s on the outside really does matter, because it feels less clinical and more luxurious than everything I’ve been using since I began treating my dry eyes. I can stack my dressing table and bathroom shelves with these products without advertising the fact that I have a problem with my eyes.

I wonder whether the packaging would be more eco-friendly if it was made predominantly of glass, rather than plastic, but given that the company is Boston-based, perhaps not for UK clients. In any case, my dreams of becoming plastic-free vanished with my MGD diagnosis – my world, at least at the moment – is full of tiny plastic bottles and individual sachets of wipes. At least my ÈYES ARE THE STORY goodies are longer-lasting.


As these products are a blend of science and botanicals, I think they’re reasonably priced. They can’t compete with ‘drugstore’ brands on price but their premium ingredients (aloe, Hyaluronic Acid, Olive Leaf Extract and Resveratrol) and superior performance mean they don’t have to.

I’ve use natural, vegan, organic and sustainable cosmetics and skincare, and these cost roughly the same as ÈYES ARE THE STORY products.

Overall, I’d recommend these cosmetics to anyone, even if you don’t have sensitive eyes. We ask a lot from our eyes, especially when we wear makeup regularly. ÈYES ARE THE STORY could help us to enhance – and support – our best feature for the long-term.

About Ellen

Ellen Long-Common is a writer and digital content creator from Somerset. When she’s not at her laptop she can usually be found in the garden, admiring her seedlings, or in the bathroom, testing zero waste and natural beauty products.

Her dry eye symptoms began in 2020 and, a year or so later, she began her treatment at Earlam and Christopher. If she had a tip for a fellow dry-eye sufferer, it would be:

Get support from a specialist. I didn’t realise how serious Dry Eye could be at first; I didn’t know that it’s a disease or understand how seriously it could affect my wellbeing. I’m so glad I found Sarah – don’t be afraid to change opticians if you’re not getting the support you need. Other than that – get plenty of sleep!



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