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the first open-eye warm compress that delivers an effective, user friendly treatment for MGD


TearRestore Solution

TearRestore's open-eye warm
compress delivers an effective, user
friendly at-home treatment for MGD.
Developed with assistance from
industry leading physicians,
TearRestore delivers therapeutic heat
where it is needed while permitting
you to see throughout treatment.

Improve Patient Outcomes
The TearRestore mask offers you the convenient treatment you want while significantly improving the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease.

Consistent Heat
TearRestore supplies therapeutic heat (>40C) for a minimum of ten minutes every use. This ensures you an effective treatment every time.

Targeted Treatment
TearRestore's design utilizes anatomical norms to target the oil glands of the eyelid while avoiding the globe. This allows you to blink throughout treatment, resulting in natural oil gland expression throughout use.

How it Works

The TearRestore mask has specially
designed reusable heat packs that target
the Meibomian glands and supply
therapeutic heat for a minimum of ten
minutes every use. Additionally,
TearRestore is the only open-eye warm
compress which allows you to be active
during your daily warm compress! With
TearRestore, it is easy to find time to
treat your eyes everyday.

How to use TearRestore


reduction in
Dry Eye symptoms


increase in
tear breakup time


increase in
functional Meibomian Glands

Data collected from a population of 22 eyes, age 18-89

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