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Practitioner - FAQs

How do I join?

If you don’t currently stock our products, but are considering adding them to your dry eye product armoury email us at to set you up.

If you do stock them but would like to offer your patients an easier way to get their dry eye treatments while still making your margin, please contact us at to get your unique voucher code to share with your patients.

What if the patient buys additional items?

Your rebate is applied against the total net value of every order placed using your unique practice code, so any additional items are included in this.

Does Dry Eye Zone remember patient details and orders?

Yes. But your patient needs to register for an account on the site to be able to see their past orders. Only once they have done this, can we assign your practice code to them. Otherwise, they need to remember to enter your code at checkout every time they order.

How do I account for my rebate?

We send your practice rebate every three months. We calculate NET sales made via Dry Eye Zone where your practice code was quoted. Most practice bookkeepers account for this under ‘Other Income’, although your accountant should advise how best to record your credit. The credit is then used either against outstanding invoices, or you can request a cash refund if you prefer.

Will I be told who has purchased using my code?

Yes. Your quarterly statement lists who purchased quoting your practice code and what products they purchased.

Will we be offering any additional discounts?

We offer slightly improved pricing on our ‘dry eye bundles’ which  increase purchase across a small range of related products and, of course, increases the NET value of the sale. You can find these pre-selected care packages here.

We also reserve the right to run promotional offers on the site for limited time periods.

How much is rebated?

We rebate NET sales. Thus, the full RRP ex VAT, less 10% discount if your code was used. We calculate 15% of that total, then re-apply VAT at the standard rate. Any shipping charges are excluded from the NET sales value, as these are either paid by the consumer (under £50 order value) or, FREE if the order is over £50.

Can my patient buy contact lens care?

Yes. We have a limited range of Optician only contact lens care products available, as well as ancillary items such as eye drop applicators.

Can my patient register for auto-shipments?

Not currently but this is something we are working on and plan to release later this year

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