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Described as a "game-changer" and "like a hot stone massage for your eyes" by beauty editors, our multi-award winning device has three settings that work together to soothe, hydrate and revive dry, tired eyes.

The triple-action Heated Eye Wand™ can be set between 37 °C and 45 °C (99F to 113F) and heats up in 60 seconds. It can be used as a quick, convenient and effective alternative to a warm compress (no kettle or microwave needed) to help radically improve eye comfort throughout the day. It​ has been clinically proven to hold heat at the optimum temperature, better than a heated eye compress for the required length of use to improve eye hydration.

The gentle massage feature increases circulation to the eye area, helping to de-puff both upper and lower eyelids. Red LED light (with a wavelength of 630nm+/-10nm), based on NASA demonstrated science, works to promote collagen and elastin to smooth out fine lines and rejuvenate your eye area.

This original Heated Eye Wand™​ has three modes (heat + massage, heat + red LED light and heat + massage + red LED light).

Our Heated Eye Wand™ PRO  has all three modes of the original Wand plus a fourth mode (heat-only).

Peep Club Heated Eye Wand™ Pro

  • What is included:

    1x USB charging cable included (can be plugged into any USB plug or port for your region). We recommend keeping a full charge for best performance. Should be charged every 2-3 days.


    Of you are allergic to Nickel (the Wand head is made of a metal alloy that contains a small quantity of nickel) please use the nickel free version.

  • We recommend using your Heated Eye Wand™ PRO for 1-2 minutes on your lower eyelid followed by 1-2 minutes on your upper eyelid (a total of 2-4 minutes per eye). 

    We recommend using your Wand two times per day (morning and night) for the first 2-3 weeks. After three weeks, we recommend using it once a day , 3-4 times per week, although many of our customers continue to use it every day as part of their self-care routine


    Please consult your doctor before using the Heated Eye Wand if:

    • You are epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive (for example, as the result of taking any medications that have a side effect of photosensitivity) or suffer from light induced or electricity induced headaches.
    • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • You have or have had skin cancer.
    • You have a pacemaker or have any metal plates or pins around the head or neck.
    • You have any genetic eye conditions or have had any eye surgery in the past 2 years or have had any reason to visit Hospital Eye Services for any reason (including for treatment of any eye condition or trauma to the eye).

    Please wait 4 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments such as injectables.

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